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                           PREVIOUSLY ON ALVIN & BRITTANY ROMANCE............

           "Brittany,you're too stressed out.You need a check up from the 'Love Doctor'."Alvin tried hypnotizing me again."Brittany,I'm just going to come out with it.Brittany......I love you and I want to have a romantic night with you......tonight."I couldn't believe it.He actually told me he loved me.His eyes looking in mine;my heart pounding.What will I say?

                           TO BE CONTINUED..................

          "Brittany?Isn't this the part where you say you love me?Or......don't you love me?"Alvin asked sadly with his ears down and a little sad expression.I slowly put his paws into mine and hugged him tight.
          "Alvin,I do love you,since we saw each other at school."I whispered into his ear.I could already feel his warm smile;his heart pounding on mine;I knew he was the one.I slowly stopped hugging him to see his expression.
          "Oooh la la!"Alvin quickly said and tackled me down tickling me as I landed on his comfortable bed;he landed on me."This is kinda awkward,but not too much for me!"With those words,I smiled as he pinned me down on his bed with me under him."Brittany,wanna be my girlfriend?"He asked sweetly.For a second,all I could see was him.
          "Sure,"I smiled back to him."I bet I'm smart enough to escape from you."I told him with a devious smile now on my face!
          "I'd like to see you try!"Alvin said as he kept me pinned down.I quickly slipped under him,but stopped at his stomach;he pinned my arms and I couldn't go any further!I quickly then slipped to where I was.
          "Okay,I can't."
          "Haha!I won!Bow chika bow wow chika bow wow!!"He sang happily.
          "Now what?"
          "I don't know?You still didn't tell me if you accepted a check up from the 'Love Doctor' tonight."Alvin said remembering when he asked me before.
          "Maybe,that is if Claire invites Dave over for a movie and if your brothers and my sisters are sleeping.It's a 50 50 chance.Let's go see what they're doing."I told him.I forgot he still had me pinned and I couldn't move.
          "Maybe."Alvin kissed me on my neck and let me go.Nuts!I felt love tingling inside me!I really did want a check up from my 'Love Doctor' badly.I quickly ran on four feet to the kitchen where Dave and Claire were talking with Alvin behind me.
          "That would break their little hearts,Dave."Claire said as she turned to me and Alvin. "Oh, hi,  Brittany.Hi,Alvin."She said quickly.
          "What would break our little hearts?"Alvin said madly as he tightened his paw on mine.
          "Nothing."Dave said to us,looking suspicious.
          "Dave,you should just tell them."Claire demanded with a sad expression.
          "Tell us what?!"I spoke for myself.I was curious to what would 'break our little hearts'.
          "Alright.Me and Claire have found a new home for the Chipettes."He said firmly.
          "What?"That did break my heart and Alvin's even worse.That will break my sisters' and Alvin's brothers' hearts.I couldn't believe it.We will have to separate after I just realized I love Alvin!What will we do to stay together?

                                TO BE CONTINUED......................
Here part 2 of Alvin & Brittany Romance story.Brittany and Alvin now love each other more than ever but have to face something harder than ever;The Chipettes are moving out.What will they do to stay together?
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let them stay please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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